Offbeat Video

By Joseph McFarlane


A unique artist is using hair ties to create a visual and acoustical adaptation of popular song ‘Godzilla’ by Eminem.

Dan Mace, a commercials director and sound diegetic from Los Angeles, California, USA is the creator of the project ‘Seeing sounds’, where he films himself recreating songs using sounds from everyday objects.

In this footage Dan can be seen creating Godzilla’s image using hair ties and nails and proceeds to not only create music using them but rapping the entire song too.

Dan’s manager Jonah Lewis said: “Dan is making songs out of diegetic sounds- live sounds from your environment, the sounds that objects naturally make.

“Each video is a song, jingle, theme track made from a bunch of different objects, usually between 3-5 objects but sometimes more.

“Godzilla was very difficult because it was so intricate and all sounds had to be heard through a condenser mic- you couldn’t just hear them.”