Offbeat Video

By William Lailey


A clever cake maker has cashed in on corna virus panic buying and begun making his own loo roll –  in cake form.

Master baker Tim Kortum, 36, crafted a toilet roll in cake form after he was inspired by panic buyers.

Tim, from Dortmund, Germany, has sold 10,000 of the toilet roll shaped cakes and says people just can’t enough of his tasty creation after he posted a pic of one on Instagram.

He said: “It’s a classic chocolate vanilla cake and we bake it in a normal baking tin – and then we take it out and cover it in buttercream – it’s the same size as a toilet roll that’s the funny thing.

“Then around the buttercream we put fondant and give it the same design as a normal roll of toilet paper.”

Tim said he was inspired to make the toilet paper lookalikes after a visit to his local supermarket.

He said: “One morning I was talking in the shop with some ladies and we were making fun of all the toilet paper and how everyone was buying the toilet paper.

“One of them was complaining about not being able to buy any and asked if i had some – and I replied ‘we only have some for eating!’

“The next day I made some and then I got the idea and said let’s do it – cakes in the shape of toilet paper.”

Tim said that despite his initial scepticism, the cakes have been a massive hit among his customers.

He said: “I made just eight and put it on Instagram and brought them into the shop and two minutes later all of the cakes were sold, everyone wanted to have one.

“Then I baked 80 pieces and they sold in just two hours. At the end of the first day I baked 200 of them and now we bake around 900 everyday.”

Tim added his customers can’t get enough of his tasty new creation.

He said: “We get lots of emails and comments.

“People love it and think it’s funny, it’s nice to have something to laugh about.”