Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A jokester dad decided that if he couldn’t go to the gym during lockdown, he would bring the gym to him, by using his six-month old baby as a weight.

With gyms being one of the first social spaces to have been locked down due to the coronavirus, many people have been thinking up unique ways in order to incorporate their regular work-outs into their newfound, housebound lifestyles.

While some have incorporated their pets, one comical San Diego-based dad decided to use his six-month-old baby as his weight.

New father, Danny Wurst, 35, recorded himself working-out with baby Dylan, aka “The Poop-a-Ton”, in a hilarious spoof video.

Danny said: “We’ve had months of practice of social distancing by being new parents, so day to day is not all that different. Definitely a little concerned about what the future holds though.

“I was on paternity leave right as the corona pandemic was rearing it’s ugly head. I couldn’t really go anywhere or do too much so I decided to make a funny video with my son.

“My son and I just hope this brings some smiles to anyone that needs one in this tough time.”