Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This man was left confused after reviewing his home security camera footage showing flickering but also beaming light shining down from the ceiling.

Vincent Baldi – an aptly named Erie, Pennsylvanian resident – was bewildered to find that a light was shining down on the living room from an unknown source, first noticed on March 13 and has continually appeared.

The clips show several nights in the early hours, the camera picks up a flickering and then a what would seem a very bright light source beaming into the living room with no explanation as to where the light originates.

Vincent has received comments on what the light could be; a portal for the afterlife or a life form of some sort.

Vincent said: “The light source seems at times to be coming from the ceiling were no light or reflective item is.

“The phenomenon at one time looks like its coming from our wicker basket with fake flowers on our coffee table, no candle phone or light source is in this area.

“My reaction when I came across the videos was “What is this? Where is this light source coming from? I need to find a reason for this”.

“So far the phenomenon has continued from March 13 to 22 at different times of the day to the early morning.

“But through this all I feel a sense of calmness and so does my wife.”