Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


As the coronavirus has shut down a lot of working opportunities in Hollywood, an out-of-work actress decided to say “goodbye” to the City of Angels and head on a cross-country quarantine road-trip with her truck driving boyfriend.

The impact of the coronavirus can be felt on a global scale, with countless industries temporarily shut-down, leaving many people out of work.

And the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is no different, with most film and television productions being put on hiatus until it is safe for people to work again.

This has left countless hard-working professionals in the entertainment industry out of work, including actress and casting producer Tara Katchur, 29.

But instead of moping around her home alone with nothing to do during lockdown, Tara decided to say “see ya later” to tinsel town and quarantined herself with trucker boyfriend, Stefan Arapovic, in the cabin of his vehicle as the couple ventured on a cross country road-trip across the USA.

Starting their journey in Los Angeles on March 24th, the pair drove through Nevada, Idaho and Montana on a six-day, 2,700 mile journey.

Tara said: “This was my first time to go on the road with Stefan because I’m busy working on my career in LA.

“Now that I’m jobless and Hollywood is completely shut down, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to be together, see the US, and see what he does while still staying quarantined and having little to no contact with people.”

As well as seeing beautiful parts of the country she had never visited before, Tara recorded every hiccup and bump in the road, including giving a tour of the tiny cabin space the pair sleep in, the less than luxurious stop-off areas to bathe in, as well as dramatic break-downs and traffic accidents.

Tara said: “Honestly, it’s been so good for my mind and mental health. I don’t have to hear the news 24/7 or be stuck in my apartment alone.

“We are being super careful and safe in public restrooms and in truck stops, but other than that, we have zero contact with people and we have loads of wipes and antibacterial stuff.

“Before now I feel like most people looked at truckers as a low status job that nobody really had that much respect for even though we all need them and want food and our purchases delivered to us. Stefan has never received so much love before for what he does!

“I was really nervous to go, but surprisingly, I have enjoyed it so much. We have built such a closer bond and I have a lot of respect for truck drivers, especially at a time like now, because of the insane hours they pull and how hard it is on your body, day in and day out.

“As long as Stefan is on the road, we promise your grocery stores will be full.”