Life Video

By Hollie Bone


A ‘non-political’ mum was left gobsmacked when she found her three-year-old crying over her homework – only to discover she was actually sad about Boris Johnson being diagnosed with coronavirus.

This hilarious footage, filmed earlier this week, captures the moment mum-of-two Louise Evans, 31, found youngest daughter Elsie telling the Prime Minister to get better soon with tears in her eyes.

Elsie and sister, Evie, five, had been set homework to write about who inspired them and both chose the PM – with Louise initially thinking Elsie was crying because she was scared of a black and white image of Boris she had printed out to complete the task.

So she and hubby Mark, 31, an engineer, were left in stitches when they discovered their daughter’s tears had actually been prompted by the tot ‘missing’ the prime minister since he tested positive for Covid-19 last Thursday [March 26] and had to stop chairing the Government’s daily news conferences.

Former primary school teacher Louise, from Purley, South London, said: “Elsie just looked at his picture and started crying, I thought she was scared at first.

“I think she missed him because she’s not been seeing him on the news as much lately.

“It did make me laugh and I thought it was very cute.

“Both the girls are obsessed with him at the moment – Elsie must think Boris is part of the family to be that upset!

“We don’t discuss politics with the girls or have a strong political leaning – I think it must just be because we have had the news on more than we normally would, so they’re seeing quite a lot and picking up on things.”

Elsie and Evie both told their parents they chose poorly Boris as their homework inspiration because they think he is trying to save the nation from the global coronavirus pandemic.

But despite their daughters’ affinity with the Conservative leader, Louise and husband Mark say they have no political leaning themselves.

The family have been following Government advice and self-isolating together, doing family workouts, crafts, online dancing and drama classes as well as schoolwork at home for the last three weeks.

And Louise noticed that the girls were keeping up with current affairs when she started putting the news on at every family dinner time.

She said: “Elsie doesn’t really understand what is going on, she just knows that people are getting sick, but Evie is quite clued up on things like this.

“When we were doing their homework, they had to decide who inspires them and they both chose Boris.

“They have both seen so much of him lately and they know he is an important person and that he is in charge of the country.

“So they knew it was serious when they announced that he has coronavirus and Elsie obviously couldn’t hold back the tears!”