Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This father-of-one was playing with his daughter in their garden earlier this week when she lost her balance on top of the slide and comically fell to the bottom.

Car salesman Steve Ryder, 29, from Bury, St Edmunds was in charge of watching his daughter Betsy as they spent time outside.

The energetic two-year-old continuously went up and down her slide, but when Steve decided to start recording on his phone, he wasn’t expecting to see her take a grand fall.

Steve couldn’t help but laugh at first, though he hastened to add that Betsy was fine and continued to brave her slide.

“We were playing in the garden for about half an hour,” Steve said.

“She had been playing perfectly on her slide about eight times before I decided to video and she fell down sideways.

“As you can hear from the video, my reaction was to laugh.

“She was fine after and happily continued playing on the slide.”