Amazing Life Video

By Dan Coles


WATCH: DRONES are now being used to help stop the spread of COVID-19 with new spray technology that disinfects the ground below

‘The Ripper Group’, who specialise in drone deployment and strategy, teamed up with ‘Surf Life Saving Queensland” to demonstrate Westpac Little Ripper drones that have a new spray technology which disinfects public vehicles, areas and objects.

The spray tech was first used for agricultural applications but has been adapted in China to spray disinfecting chemicals in some public spaces and on epidemic prevention vehicles travelling between impacted areas – so far being used to disinfect 600,000,000 m² in china. Also being tested was  speaker fitted drones, used to make sure people are staying clear of each other without having to directly police the rule.

A demonstration took place in Queensland, Australia, today [FRI] showing where the specialist drones could be seen hovering in parks, public gyms and beaches with the hope of proving how pivotal drones could be stopping the health pandemic from getting worse.

A representative from Westpac Little Ripper said: “Today Westpac Little Ripper drones demonstrated the latest spray technology which has been used in the fight against COVID-19 in China.

“We’re also showing ‘Surf Life Saving Queensland’ use the drones to reinforce the social distancing messaging speaker’s capability that they can utilise if the beaches are closed to the public.

“Coronavirus is mainly transmitted via respiratory droplets and can also spread by touching contaminated surfaces – Disinfectant spray helps reduce these transmission mechanisms.

“In this demonstration we are just using water, but the disinfectant spray we use is environmentally safe and manufactured in Australia.

“China used this technology in their fight against COVID-19. The spray is environmentally safe and manufactured in Australia.

“We will work collaboration with our global partner DJI out of China and is the world’s largest drone company, which currently supplies 85% of drones globally.

“DJI were engaged by the CCP at the height of the pandemic outbreak in China, spraying in excess of 600,000,000 m² and have now been approached by Governments around the globe to help.”