Life Video

By Jack Mobley

This creative engineering group converted this hand switch, for a restroom door, into a foot switch, allowing people to avoid unnecessary shared surface contact.

Vishal Mane and his team at their e-commerce company in Santa Monica, California, made some adjustments to the toilets in the upholding to help cleanliness and hygeine.

The finished product was captured in March 23 when Vishal tested the design, removing the automatic hand switch.

The door now operates from a robust button near the bottom of the wall and can be easily triggered with a light tap from the foot.

This allowed everyone to access the toilets with having to touch a switch that has contact with people’s hands, limiting the spread of germs, bacteria and potentially COVID-19.

Vishal said: “This allows you to enter the restroom without using handle or touching anything.

“It was connected in series connection with the door and push button (using OR Function).

“When either of the button gets pushed, the activator cylinder gets activated and moves horizontally (inside the white box on top).”