Life Video

By Alyce Collins


Families across the country are getting creative as they try to beat the boredom of a lockdown, and these boys opted to build their very own assault course.

Builder Paul Maguire, 44, from Shepherds Bush watched his sons, Leo and Sammy build a makeshift assault course in their garden with utensils they could find around the house.

Paul admits that homeschooling has been difficult so far, but physical education lessons can’t be underestimated.

Leo, 7, and Sammy, 9, used various household objects from around the house to create the obstacles they needed. Dining room chairs, a table, a ladder and even a bench were transformed into difficult obstacles to jump over.

The boys have been doing their parkour assault course every morning since putting it together, even adapting it each morning to add a new element.

Paul says: “The hardest part is homeschooling them.

“Exercise is an important part and seems to set them up for a good day of learning.

“Sammy loves watching YouTube videos of parkour and then attempting to recreate them in the garden.

“It’s kept them busy every morning for the past week and hopefully a lot longer. It gets adapted daily.”