Offbeat Video Viral

By Jack Mobley


A 22-year-old Barista has passed the time in lockdown by re-creating nightlife party anthem “Play Hard” by David Guetta.

While on lockdown, people across the globe have tapped into their creativity and imagination in order to pass the time, and musically minded barista Ben Ellis, 22, decided to spend his quarantine re-creating a club classic.

Using the buzzer to their flat in Brighton, as well as household objects such as a coffee machine, skateboard, hair straighteners, a shoe box and piano stool, Ben and girlfriend Claire, 20, managed to re-create David Guetta’s hit anthem “Play Hard”.

Ben said: “I normally make small beats in my spare time anyway, but this day in particular we must’ve been so bored that when we pressed our buzzer to get into our flat it sounded like a dance song we’d heard in our younger years.

“Once we found what song it was, we decided to just make our own version of it.

“It took almost two hours to compile the sounds as we had to eliminate background noise and it was just so much fun.

“Then once the sounds were compiled it took another two to three hours to finalise the song.

“Because we spent so long on it and because we were so bored, it was nice to just finish something.

“It was funny but now we’ve moved on to trying to create our next song.”