Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A social influencer decided to throw his hat… and trousers into the ring by recording himself walking in naked on his girlfriend, to embarrassingly realise the-mother-in-law was also in the room.

As a way to amuse themselves and pass the time, TikTokers have created a new trend in which they record themselves walking in naked on their partners to capture their shocked, happy and sometimes disgusted reactions.

Deciding to partake in the trend, Los Angeles based social influencer and graphic designer Matthew Hunkins, 20, decided to record himself walking out of the shower and into his girlfriend’s room.

Little did Matthew know, but his girlfriend’s mother was laying down on the bed having a chit chat with her daughter at the time.

Walking in stark naked, Matthew unsuspectingly managed to capture the shocked and embarrassed faces of both women, resulting in a sweeping viral video.

Matthew said: “I was shocked.

“They were both surprised and laughing when I left the room.”

“All relationships are good as we are a close family, she is like a mother to me. It’s like your parents seeing you naked,” he continued.