Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This fearless Australian woman has been caught on camera expertly trapping a massive huntsman spider with a container. 


Musician and actor Nathan Kaye, 46, originally found the spider that had made its way into their New South Wales home and was filming it when he saw his partner musician and fashion designer Maryse McIver, 38, was ready to catch it. 


Nathan said: “She doesn’t like them in the house, especially because I’ve been bitten so many times.”


Although Maryse used to be scared of spiders, she has conquered that fear after catching some of these trespassing pests a few times before. 


After the spider was successfully trapped inside the container, he was released back outside safe and sound. 


“She wasn’t worried or scared, although she was concerned that she might accidentally hurt it or chop its legs off with the container.”


“Huntsman spiders are useful because they eat cockroaches and other bugs.”