Nature Video

A man got caught off guard when a highly venomous snake slithered over his foot.

Oscar Williams, 24, from Bristol, UK, has been travelling to Australia for the last three years and came across a whilst working on a tropical flower farm in Sydney, NSW.

He came across the rough scaled snake and wanted to get some footage of the highly venomous reptile.

Whilst filming, the snake got too close and left Oscar unable to get a safe distance away and therefore had to let the snake slither over his foot and around his leg hoping that the it wouldn’t strike.

Luckily, the snake was not antagonised and due to Oscars calm reaction it slithered around him and kept on its way – but if it had bitten, could have killed Oscar.

Oscar said: “By the time I had realised how close he was to me, it was too late, I had to stay there and just hope I would be still enough not to alarm it.

“It was a pretty terrifying moment, but I knew what I needed to for the best chance of not getting hurt.

“I wanted to get some great footage of this snake when I found it but feel quite lucky that I came out of the encounter ok.”