Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A London-based theatre actor hilariously re-enacted his Underground Tube commute from the comfort and safety of his home by using his bathroom and shower cubicle as a suitable stand-in.

With governments implementing lockdowns and quarantines, bustling global cities like London are slowly coming to a halt, leaving many Londoners missing aspects of their daily routine they used to hate, such as the busy tube commute.

Recording himself in his bathroom, musical theatre actor Jack Douglas, 24, got creative and re-enacted his Underground train ride, by using his shower cubicle as a hilarious stand-in, complete with grumpy looking commuters crowding the doorways.

Jack said: “Everyone thinks we are mostly going insane but the video provided some much needed comedy.

“I’m dealing with quarantine by baking, creating TikToks and mostly eating.”