Life Video

By Jessica Testa


Social distancing rules didn’t stop one loving family from giving this grandmother a huge 90th birthday surprise that she’ll never forget.

Jacqueline Wroblewski was recording as her grandmother Buscia stepped out of the house to see a row of cars driving by with colourful signs and balloons, honking for her attention.

Her family had organised a birthday parade to celebrate this amazing milestone from afar.

One of the cars stopped and one of her young family members began to play ‘Happy Birthday’ on the trombone as he sat in the boot of the car.

After the song, another family member got out of the car and handed the delighted grandmother a cake, all the while keeping her distance.

The parade continued with more cars driving past, shouting out birthday wishes as they went by.

Despite the rain, the parade went very well and made one special grandmother feel very happy.