Life Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

This father-of-two needed a trim, so decided to allocate the job to his four-year-old daughter, Hallie.

Cliff Nix was unable to visit the barbers in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, so roped in his daughter to help out on March 23.

The trim starts off with a little trouble as Hallie tries to hack away at the messy hair.

Eventually, Hallie gets the hang of things and even graduates to clippers, making more progress on the sides.

Once Hallie finishes, Cliff decides to style the new do and showcases Hallies’ signature hair cut; the flame, short around the side and really long in the middle.

Cliff said: “I needed a haircut, but we’re quarantined, so I thought I’d give my daughter a shot at it.

“She’s been practicing using scissors lately, so I was feeling confident in her.

“I was actually surprised that it turned out as good as it did.

“I think I’d call it the flame; long in the middle and shorter on all sides.

“I’ve made some adjustments but it’s still not good, I just cut it all to one size.

“It’s most definitely my favourite haircut to date.”