By Becca Husselbee

Britain’s quietest train station has been ‘adopted’ by a train spotter who didn’t like to see it neglected – even though he’s NEVER caught the train himself.

Pic by Mikey Jones/Caters News

Shippea Hill train station in East Cambridgeshire was named the quietest station in the UK after being used by just 12 passengers last year.

It’s used so little that passengers wishing to use the train must call ahead and make a request for it to stop there.

But after hearing that the station was used by so few people, train buff Harry Lamboll, 22, decided to become guardian of the station, making sure it’s as welcoming as possible.

Pic by Mikey Jones/Caters News

Harry, from Brandon, Suffolk, has spent the last two years cleaning the platform and tending to shrubbery at the stop in a bid to make the 170-year-old station more attractive, along with pal Adam Head.

Gardener Harry said: “I became involved with the station because of a trip that I and Adam made back in 2014.”

“We stopped at Shippea and both looked at how unloved the station was and both thought we could seriously tidy up and improve it.”

The station on the Breckland line runs between Cambridge in the West and Norwich in the East and stops once at 7.28am, Monday- Friday and once at 7.25am on a Saturday with a return service at 7.27pm.

Pic by Mikey Jones/Caters News

However Harry believes it’s the lack of services that makes the station the quietest in the UK.

He said: “The locals often say they would use the station more if the train stopped more than once.”

Pic by Mikey Jones/Caters News

“It’s never going to be a big station but I’m certain if the service was better than it would get used more. I wouldn’t even put it down to location as surprisingly there are quite a few house just down the road.”