BY Lucy Notarantonio


Elderly residents who have been in isolation for over three weeks were delighted to see alpacas at their window.

Sean Carr, 29, and his partner Marika Richie, 22, own over 190 farm animals, some of which are therapy animals who are currently out of work due to Covid-19.

Before closing the gates to their farm for the foreseeable, the couple decided to cheer up elderly resident’s in their hometown West Lothian, Scotland.

They brought three affectionate alpacas to the windows on March 23 which left the residents grinning from ear to ear.

Marika said: “Prior to lock down, we wanted to do one more act of kindness before the inevitable close up.

“It was wonderful seeing all the residents waving and smiling through the window.

“The alpacas adore people so they were happy too.

“The residents have been in lock down for over three weeks meaning they haven’t had visitors and their entertainment has been cancelled so it must be super hard for them.

“We were extremely happy to see them smiling!

“It might have been the first time for many of them to even be that close to an alpaca – some were putting their hand out the window to pet them.”

The humble couple have received ‘thank you’ messages online from resident’s family members who were told about their special visit via telephone.

She adds: “The alpacas had made their day and also gave them something to talk about with their family.

“We hope to have created a special memory for all of them during this uncertain time.”