Life Video

By Jack Mobley and Neo Bye


This great-grandma tried to give money to her great-granddaughter, despite being told to stay at home.

Kirstie Rhatigan stopped by her 93-year-old great-grandmother, Teresa, in Ruislip, UK to say hello whilst also respecting social-distancing guidelines.

But just as they were saying goodbye, Teresa pulls out a £10 note and leaves it on the wall for Kirstie to collect.

Kirstie urges her not to, but the adorable Teresa keeps pointing to it as she closes the front door.

Kirstie said: “My great grandmother was trying to sneak me money while respecting the social-distancing.

“She wouldn’t come back out until I took it and we needed her to come out to talk to her to ask if she had all her essentials for the the isolation.

“I just found it funny, she’s always so silly and loving, she’s my favourite person.”