Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A couple spotted their neighbour’s ingenious method to escape outside and have a break-away from quarantine, by hilariously dressing up as an inconspicuous bush.

As people start getting cabin fever from being cooped up all day, every day, during quarantine, one couple in Stevenage spotted their neighbour’s eccentric, but ingenious way to head outdoors without getting into trouble.

Nicholas Murray and Madeline Mai-Davies watched on in amazement and disbelief as their neighbour scuttled down the driveway, dressed from head-to-toe as a bush.

So as to not draw attention, the neighbour crouched, scurried and even stop, drop and rolled in order to pull off their amazing disguise.

Nick said: “Looking back, I didn’t expect the video to go that viral and get 16.5 million views. Whilst in this difficult time we want to bring smiles, laughs and hope.

Maddie said: “I was overwhelmed with the support and following that came from it.”