Life Video

By Joseph McFarlane


Quarantine and self-isolating didn’t stop one smitten guy from asking a woman out on a date, thanks to his trusty drone and bubble suit, resulting in an amazing modern day romance.

As the world is on lockdown in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, quarantine and self-isolating has made people miss the little things that they took for granted, such as basic human interaction.

But for one shy photographer in New York, the concept of social distancing actually aided him in plucking up the courage to ask a woman out on a date.

After spotting a woman across the street hanging out on her rooftop, Jeremy Cohen, 28, decided to start a dialogue with just a simple wave.

From there Jeremy bravely attached his telephone number to a drone, and sent it hovering over the street to amused Tori on the other side of the street.

An hour later, Jeremy received a text, and so a modern romance had been set in motion.

The pair then decided to go on a date, but thought it would be best for safety purposes to continue self-isolating. So with Jeremy sitting at a table on his balcony, and Tori sitting at her own separate table across the street, the pair had their “first date” over facetime.

Deciding that he wanted to meet Tori in person, Jeremy acquired an inflatable human hamster ball so that the couple could go for a pleasant stroll together, while still making sure they were socially distant.

Jeremy said: “I had butterflies in my stomach when Tori messaged back. I thought it might be too good to be true.

“We text every day and sometimes facetime. It’s strange in the sense that we feel like the world is watching us as well as being quarantined. But we vibe well and she’s really easy to talk to.

“It brings me joy to know that it has been some positive news to share during these strange times.

“It’s been weird. I’m an outgoing guy, so being quarantined in my tiny space makes me crave some human interaction. Good thing we have all this technology at our fingertips to stay connected to others at this time.

“I hope this video brings hope that your dating life doesn’t have to be on pause, just get creative about how you meet people now and it can still happen!”