Nature Offbeat Video

By Jessica Testa and Federico Cornetto


A crafty man has filmed a video in which he makes hand soap out of tree leaves to help people stay clean during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mark Norman, 55, is a professional crocodile guide on the Proserpine River, in North Queensland, Australia.

On March 25, he filmed a video in which he shows people how to create hand soap using the leaves of the ‘red ash tree’ and some river water.

Mark said: “The red ash tree is well-known to the Aboriginal people and bushmen across Northern Australia.

“There is saponin in the leaves, and bushmen regularly used the leaves as soap.

“The soap has little to no scent, and it doesn’t really leave your hands feeling any different.

“Most people will never need to use this tree, but the video is designed to highlight the importance of regular hand washing during this serious time of COVID-19.”