Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane



A tiny pet Chihuahua was left shocked and confused after not being able to locate the dogs that were appearing on the television, in a cute moment captured by their giggling owner.


While relaxing at home in San Antonio, Ulisse Riojas, 19, tuned in to watch some wholesome doggy goodness by selecting ‘Spookie Buddies’ on Netflix.


But pet Chihuahua Coco wasn’t so chill about this Netflix choice, as the confused pooch thought the dogs on the screen were in the room, and so decided to take a peek behind the television to see if he could find them. 


Unfortunately for the confused doggo, there were no furry friends hiding behind the screen to play with. 


Ulisse said: “Coco came into the room because he heard dogs barking.


“I just burst out laughing.”