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yoga guru

By Taniya Dutta

An Indian granny-who is almost a century old-can put her young students to shame as she bends, stretches and performs the most difficult yoga poses with effortless ease.

Nanammal Amma is a 98-year-old yoga teacher from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu in southern India.

PIC BY CATERS NEWSShe is a vision of utmost strength and perfection as she lifts her legs and stretches her frail body to 90 degrees.

The nonagenarian has been practicing the ancient discipline since the age of three and has mastered over 50 yogasans.

Even at this age when she needs assistance to walk, Nanammal consistently practices Yoga three times a day and credits it for her longevity.


“It is because of my regular routine of practicing yoga that I am still healthy and fit. I have not gone to hospital ever. I treat myself with homemade medicines and yoga,” the grandmother boasted.

Nanammal comes from a family that has been practicing this ancient physical and spiritual discipline for generations.

She learnt yoga from her grandfather and grandmother who died at the age of 107. Her five children-two daughters and three sons also practice and teach yoga.

She boasts of almost a hundred students from all age groups, who come to her home to learn Yoga.

“Every morning, I wakes up at 5 am to practice yogasans.


“I teach students for nearly one hour after that I go for rest. Then I do it in the afternoon for an hour and in the evening before going to sleep. When I was young, I would do all forms of yoga. But now I only do selective postures that help me stay fit.

“Earlier we would follow the grandfather. We did not know the names of those poses. We were hard working and believed in the magic of Yoga in staying fit. It keeps body and mind calm and in control. Young people should follow it more,” she said.

Her son Balakrishnan, who is also a Yoga prodigy like his mother said: “We are immensely proud of our mother. She has won six gold medals in national level competitions for yoga. She is not any yoga guru, she lives for yoga.


“She does not have blood pressure, sugar or any kind of healthy issues. I have never seen my mother taking Allopathic medicines. She inspires us to live a healthy lifestyle. We have 36 members in the family and all are following in her footsteps.”

The granny believes that whoever learns the discipline from her would live for 100 years.


“I teach yoga to everyone. Women who learn yoga from me have no health issue. Their uterus is healthy and the yogasan helps them in giving natural birth to children. I too had given natural birth to six children because with the help of regular Yoga.

“Whoever learns yoga from me stays in good health. They will live as long as 100 years without any disease,” promises Nanammal.