Life Video

By Jack Mobley and Jessica Testa

As nurses of doctors change their shifts, they are met with a wall of noise thanking them for them for their service during the coronavirus outbreak.

Carolyn Rohaly recorded the moment at 7pm in Vancouver, Canada, that residents took to their balconies in their apartments.

The all gave a hand for those working tirelessly in hospitals across the city; whoops and clapping can be heard thanking those involved.

A neighbour began the gesture by creating a Facebook group that reached the community of those living in the apartments.

Carolyn said: “ It began in the West end of Vancouver Friday, March 20 with a small group of neighbours.
“I thought it was a beautiful way to thank frontline workers who are keeping us safe during a crisis.

“This small gesture of one person clapping has an amazing effect when an entire community (and city) comes together to cheer for our brave and dedicated frontline workers.”