Life Video

By Randal Coombs


On day two of what’s been called a ‘lockdown’ in some parts of the world, one couple came up with a creative way to keep themselves entertained.

With other couples and families filming similar challenges and posting them on TikTok, Cameron Brooks, 28, his partner Brittney, 32, and their two children Karsyn, 3, and Khalil, 1, decided to compete against each other to decide once and for all who can eat a fruit roll the quickest… without using their hands.

Set to amusing music, the funny video sees Cameron emerge as the clear winner.

“The plan was actually for Britt to win and do the dance, but she was going soooo slow and due to the time constraints of TikTok I had to speed things up so that’s why I ended up beating her,” Cameron explained.

“We came up with the idea just from being on TikTok and seeing other couples do Similar challenges so we wanted to put an original spin on ours”.