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By Aliki Kraterou


An obsessive cleaner has revealed she spends more than 40 hours a WEEK scrubbing her home in a bid to tackle coronavirus.

Kelly Waite, 37, Co Durham was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety 12 years ago, and has always liked an orderly home.

But for the past two months, Kelly has taken her cleaning to new levels – disinfecting and bleaching all areas of her home from dawn til dusk.

She runs dozens of washing cycles every day as she washes each garment of clothing individually to avoid cross contamination.

And the actress even bleaches her toilet six times a day – and washes all her fruit and veg in hot soapy water.

Even before the pandemic broke, Kelly would spend hours vacuuming her house and polishing every couple of hours.

But now she’s been in isolation for two weeks, she has increased her cleaning time, won’t go outside at all, only open letter wearing gloves and spraying her garage door daily.

She admits that she is having a harder time than usual but she is trying to keep positive and urges people to do the same – and has even put together a list of top tips for germ-free living.

Kelly said: “It’s been really hard because my anxiety levels are through the roof right now worrying about the virus and everyone.

“It’s a horrible time for everyone who is self isolating because online shopping has waiting times of over three weeks.

“People who are still going out in public are putting their family and the vulnerable at risk show really selfish behaviour.

“I have been isolating for the past two weeks, I haven’t been outside at all.

“ I make sure I wash all my groceries as usual, I have a bag under my letterbox to get my mail, which I only open wearing gloves and I spray my garage door every day. “

Kelly, who has appeared  on the  show Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners has been in isolation for two weeks since she suffers from autoimmune disease Hashimotos.

Apart from her obsessive cleaning, Kelly has several rituals such as making her bed in a certain way, going to the toilet, walking up the stairs and even having a drink.

She doesn’t own a cooker as she is worried it would make her kitchen ‘messy’ and settles by using a steamer.

She uses a small make-up brush to paint the grout on her bathroom floor tiles, she never touches directly door handles or even her own credit card and public transport is definitely a no.

All these habits are even more eminent now and Kelly urges people to stay at home to protect others.

She has even shared a list of tips to help people during isolation, with cleaning hacks and ideas of spending free time indoors.

She added: “Please do not go out and let your kids go out because you put vulnerable people at risk, the elderly, people with underlying health issues, babies, pregnant women.

“I think it’s a tragedy and people need to stay in to stop the spread and save lives.

“Everybody is in this together and we need to be kind and help one another. ”

Kelly is an activist and ambassador for invisible illnesses, mental health sufferers and bullying and volunteers with countless charities  and shelters.




*When you get your groceries delivered, clean everything with a disinfectant wipe – wash all your fruit and veg with soap and hot water.

*Tape a bag under your letter box to catch your mail and open with gloves

*Spray your bin with bleach after it’s been emptied then wear gloves to get it in.

*When using a cash machine or shopping trolley always use gloves