By Randal Coombs and Federico Cornetto


A talented dog has been dubbed the ‘real-life Air Bud’ thanks to his impressive basketball skills.

Pooch Brady, 3, from Houston, Texas, has become popular on the Internet as different viral videos show him netting the ball with ease and practising passing with owner Zack Curry, 31.

Zack’s friend Lisa Watson, 36, recalls the first time Brady surprised everyone with his unusual talent, back in 2018.

Lisa said: “We were lying in a hot tub with a basketball net, and while throwing the ball into the basket and tossing it to each other, Brady kept barking at us and running around the hot tub like crazy.

“Zack tossed him the ball and Brady hit it with his nose, tossing it back to Zack.

“After that, Brady ran next to the basketball hoop and started barking for the ball again.

“Zack threw him the ball and Brady tossed the ball back to Zack a few times and then into the basketball goal.”

Lisa said the following day, Brady impressed everyone by netting the ball from all the way across the bath tub, in a viral video that has since gained thousands of views online.

Lisa said: “The next day we got into the hot tub again, and this time Brady wanted to boop the ball farther.

“He stood on the side of the hot tub and barked and we had the video ready to go.

“I threw him the ball and he booped it across the tub and into the hoop.

“We couldn’t believe what we just got on video!”

According to Lisa, Brady has a success rate on shooting baskets of 80%.

Lisa said: “I just depends on whether he wanted to put it in the basket or toss it back to us.

“Any time he goes for the basket he makes it 80% of the time.”