Video Viral

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A mum-of-two is helping her kids fill the boredom by setting up a live e-bake off.

Natasha Macleod, 31, from Stranraer, Scotland is a hobby baker and was anxious to make sure her two daughters stayed busy during the coronavirus outbreak.

Natasha, along with her daughter Georgia, six and Danielle, 11, began posting videos of them making everything from sugar cookies to cakes in the 22K strong group on Facebook live – while inviting others to join in, they hope to recreate the popular baking series.

Natasha , who is also a nurse, said: “I wanted to do something that was a bit different for children to learn and have fun with while the schools are off.

“I started posting in the cake group that already existed, but it really took off – I’ve had a lot of local parents joining in and asking for recipe ingredients which I put up in advance.

“The comments are always really nice and it is important to remember – it’s real life and is only for fun.

“My videos show how to make certain types of cakes, and then people respond from that, interacting and showing what they’ve made.

“We don’t judge as such, instead we just keep it really positive so far.”

The group has grown by over 1000 members this week.

She added: “It’s great for lots of learning skills and family time.

“Social media can be quite negative and at the moment a lot of people are understandably worried.

“It gives the opportunity to show off some positivity and happy proud children with their new baking skills.

“As I’ve had a good response from the start it’s only reasonable to start doing some more advanced baking and get bigger kids and adults involved and if I can work out the technology, I would love to have guests on my lives!”