Offbeat Video

By Dilantha Dissanayake


Climber tries to keep herself entertained during self-isolation by climbing on household furniture.

Elena Beccegato, from Padova, Italy, has been climbing for the past four years and works full time as an instructor at a climbing gym but has had to confine herself to her home after the coronavirus outbreak forced Italy into lockdown.

As someone who loves the outdoors, Elena has been trying to keep herself entertained whilst being at home and decided to find items in her house to climb such as her table, door and cornices, much to the amusement of her pet cat Chairman Meow.

Elena first began climbing when she was a child and would go on holiday to the mountains in Trentino to climb or trek with her family.

Since then, her love for climbing has developed and she had been regularly climbing for the past four years.

Elena said: “These pictures/videos were taken in my home in the living room/kitchen on the 18th March in the morning.

“I decided to climb the table because I haven’t got a gym where I can climb at home and it’s really frustrating for me as I hadn’t been able to climb for 3/4 days. So I decided to use my home… door, table, cornices and everything else that I can climb.

“Lockdown for me is really difficult, my usual day is outdoors in the open air. Isolating at home is like being in prison but this is necessary for my country, for every doctor, nurse and other staff that keep working in our hospitals.

“Other things I do to survive the lockdown is everyday yoga, flexibility training and muscle building by different exercises. I also love to travel so I am planning my next trip around the world”.