Animals Video

By Jessica Testa 


This happy dog has been kept busy during this period of self-isolation by playing a game her owners have called “goals”.

Small business owner Erica Grubb, 34, recorded her seven-year-old cavoodle Daisy fetching a ball and shooting it into a tiny football goal with her nose. 


She said: “Hubby taught her gradually over a few days/weeks a few years ago.”


Erica says Daisy doesn’t seem too bothered about being cooped up inside as she gets to spend more time cuddling up on Erica’s lap and playing ball constantly. 


Erica has also said that she and her husband have planned to do a new activity with Daisy and their other cavoodle Willow every day while self-isolating to keep everyone in the household occupied. 


“We’re going to try some doggy bowling, teach Daisy new tricks, practice some doggy frisbee and hopefully a bit of craft with both of them and maybe some baking with Willow.”


“Willow has never shown the slightest sign in playing goals as she’s more of the lazy sleepy kind of pup, but sometimes joins in playing fetch with soft toys.”