Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto and Jack Mobley 

This is the moment an Italian guy used a set of mirrors to have a solo toast during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

Flight attendant Enrico Barberis Negra, 30, filmed the video that has since gone viral as he was quarantined in his Milan flat on March 13.

Enrico stood in the middle of his bathroom, whose walls are covered in mirrors, and repeatedly raised a glass of white wine to his reflected image. 

“Cin cin!” Enrico said, meaning ‘cheers’ in Italian, and added: “Thank you for coming.” 

Enrico said: “My bathroom’s walls are made of mirrors and that’s how I got the idea. 

“I was standing there looking at myself in the mirror, worried about the whole situation, when I raised the glass and said ‘Cin cin, Enrico’. 

“I am spending the quarantine on my own, but thankfully we have coffee-time video calls at 4PM, and at 8PM we eat together. 

“I didn’t expect the video to go viral, but knowing it did makes me happy because I got many messages from people who can’t leave their houses. 

 “They had a laugh and for a moment they forgot about the critical situation we’re in.”