Life Video

By Joe McFarlane

A proud father helped his two daughters deliver ‘Thank You’ notes to hard-working supermarket workers during the Coronavirus panic-buying.

While most people are heading down to their local supermarkets to see what they can scavenge from the barren shelves, a pair of thoughtful sisters decided to visit as many supermarkets as they could in Victoria, Australia, in order to hand out ‘Thank You’ notes and cards to the members of staff.

Adorable sisters Kiara, 8, and Anela, 10, took the time to write-up a batch of hand written notes, and along with some mini-Easter eggs, entered the supermarkets and gifted their heart-warming gestures to the surprised and appreciative workers.

Proud father George Georgievski said: “My daughters said let’s go and say thank you to the workers, so they spent an hour writing about 50 thank you notes.

“The staff were so blown away. It’s supposed to be us adults setting the example, but I think they have actually set the example for the adults this time.”