By Robert Firth

This shocking video shows hour-long queues of people at a Costco as panic buying caused by coronavirus fears grips the UK.
‘Shocked’ Atif Amin, 34, captured the footage when he arrived at a branch of the bulk-buy superstore in Chester, Cheshire, at 10am this morning [THURS] to buy supplies for the newsagent he owns.
Atif was forced to wait almost an hour in the queue of around 200 people lined up outside the store, before being allowed inside by security.
He said staff at the supermarket limited goods to one item per customer and were only allowing 10 people in and 10 people out at a time.
Atif said: “I was shocked that the queues were so bad in Chester.
“I had seen huge queues in big cities like Manchester and London, but I didn’t ever expect it would be so bad here because it’s a small, calm place.
“It’s the first time I have seen so much chaos in Chester.”