Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A yoga instructor introduced rescue puppies into his classes, allowing his clients to play with the adorable doggos during their work-outs.

If you head to Keith Mitchener’s, 27,  yoga classes in Ottawa, Toronto, you may receive some harsh criticism from an expert crowd for not doing the ‘Downward-facing Dog’ pose correctly.

This is because dog-lover Keith decided to introduce adorable puppies into his classes, which has turned into a howling success over the past six months.

Roaming around freely, the fluffy dogs can be petted and played with by member of the class.

Keith said: “I originally ran goat classes and then that morphed into puppies as they are liked by a larger market and I love dogs and always have.

“The Puppies are either rescued or come from reputable breeders. The puppies are free to roam the space while people do their yoga class.

“This helps the puppies learn how to socialise and then after the class people can than pick them up, hold them and take pictures for their Instagram.”