By Jack Mobley

This student nurse has the most neat and type-like font handwriting for her notes.

Carrie Freed posts her fulfilling videos that show off her writing skills as she is a full-time pharmacy student in Ada, Ohio.

The clips simply show Carrie write out her notes and exemplify how the neatness of typing can be applied to written form.

This is Carrie’s preferred method of studying, as writing out notes helps her with information retention over the quickly typed out notes from a lecture.

Carrie said: “My handwriting is actually natural, I didn’t do anything special to get it the way that it is in my videos on YouTube or my posts on Instagram.

“It definitely helps with retention when it comes to studying.

“I mostly type my notes, but if my professor gives us most of the information beforehand, I’ll write my notes in order to help retention during my lectures.

“A lot of people enjoy it, as it motivates them to improve their own handwriting or inspires them to study, but a lot of people think it’s a waste of time.”