Animals Video

By Alyce Collins

This dog has been caught red-pawed with a path of toilet paper tissue littering the front room in a chaotic mess.

Baylee Mooney came home in Boston, Massachusetts on February 27 to discover 10 month old German Shepherd, Kilo with plastic wrapping draped around his neck.

The plastic wrapping was that typically associated with loo roll, low and behold the front was covered in tissue and cardboard tubes.

Baylee out the camera on Kilo, still sporting the plastic wrapping, who quickly diverted his eyes away from the mess and hopefully any trouble in the comical clip.

Baylee said: “The weather was very cold that day, so I let the dogs stay inside rather than keeping them in the back yard as usual during work.

“I walked in expecting some sort of mess being that he is still a puppy.

“My reaction was angry at first until I found Kilo in the corner with the bounty bag still on him.

“I instantly exploded in laughter after that though.”