Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but pumas are dangerous predators.

Even so, Natalia Korotova, 33, from Perm Krai, Russia, keeps both as pets.

Footage, captured by Natalia, shows London the puma behaving almost like a dog around the house and in the car.

London is only nine months old in the various videos but is already incredibly large, as you would expect a big cat to be.

“A strong wish to have a big cat came to me a couple of years ago,” said Natalia, “but we lived then in a flat and I understood it would be a great problem, as a big animal requires a lot of space and its own territory outside, so while our house was refurbished I had a lot of time to make a choice.”

Natalia also has a three-year-old dog called Bro but when it comes to him sharing the house with a puma, they are actually good friends.

“Bro was really happy to see London at home,” said Natalia.

“We even had to separate them first days as the dog was very insisting with his love and London got frightened.

“They made friends pretty fast and started to do everything together, even ate from the one plate, but London was growing really fast and from small kitten he turned to a huge cat.”

“Now we often have to separate them again,” she explained.

“London is not aggressive at all – he just wants to play, but looks like he is too big for Bro now”.