Life Video

By Taniya Dutta

A Pakistani daredevil stuns spectators with his amazing Herculean strength as he can hold two motorcycles from his neck and does push ups with a fully-grown man sitting on his back.

Mirza Shoaib Baig, 25, is a farmer and often performs these acts on his farm in Punjab, to get cheers from watching crowds.

He can lift two motorbikes and pulls tractors and trucks with his teeth.

Mirza Shoaib Baig says, “I can perform any stunts without even a scratch.

“I can do better stunts than the stuntmen do on TV shows. I am just looking for a platform.

“I am the best stuntman in whole of Pakistan. No one else than me can do these death-defying stunts with ease.”

Shoaib stand 5’6 tall and weighs 200lbs but claims he’s never been to the gym to beef up his physique. He exercises for an hour twice a day on his farm and runs for three miles to build his stamina.

It was nearly five years ago that the farmer got hooked on stunts after watching only action-packed programmes on TV and soon developed a passion for the stunts. He claims to be able to lift 400 lbs at one go.

“I used to watch others doing these stunts so I thought of doing it myself.

“I work-out every day to stay in shape and build stamina and strength. I want to lift 500 lbs. I dream to be the strongest person in the world.”