Amazing Nature

By Charlotte Orie


A fish with massive lips has been snapped as it’s chomps away deep on the ocean floor.

Taken by photographer Gary Brennand, 54, the Napoleon Wrasse was snapped in close to the coast of Bali Indonesia.

Gary said: “I think how lucky I am to be there, and how amazing these creatures are.

“I then try and position myself to how I think the picture will show the best parts of the fish and also show it character of the animal.

“Most things are safe underwater if you don’t try to touch or startle them.

“A bit like how a stranger would be if you rushed into their house instead of ringing the door bell. I’ve never had an underwater animal try to hurt me, even sharks.

“I love taking pictures of turtles cause they are so chilled out and very calming to be around.”

He added that getting the action shots was a particular challenge.

Gary said: “To get behaviour shots I would study the actions of the fish or turtle over quite a number of dives, this let me predict when they would do a certain action and allowed me to get into position to capture it.”