Life Video

By Randal Coombs


This amusing and slightly intense video can only be described as Virtual Reality gone wrong.

The footage, captured by Cameron Brooks in Fort Wayne Indiana, shows Cameron’s wife, Brittney playing a VR game at an arcade on her 32nd birthday.

“I went first and I was so freaked out, I actually had to keep removing my headset,” explained Cameron.

“However, when Britt went, I think she got so sucked into the game that she forgot she could remove the mask.”

The game involved being 75-storeys up on top of a building, and Cameron didn’t realise “how afraid” Brittney was of heights.

When he finally saw how scared she was by the immersive game, he knew the video he was recording “would go viral.”

She can be seen beginning to panic as the ‘reality’ of the drop hits her.

Cameron then gently pushes her and for a second she actually thinks she’s falling off a 75-storey building.

“She was fine afterwards,” said Cameron. “Even though it took her about 30 seconds to realize she hasn’t really fell and was really still in the room with me.

“We are definitely going back”.