Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A family of Disney fanatics brought the theme parks to them by re-creating the beloved Disneyland theme park ride, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’

With live sporting events, cinemas and concerts being cancelled, postponed or closed down across the world in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, even the house of mouse have had to take precautions by temporary closing their beloved family favourite theme parks worldwide, including staples Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Florida’s Disney World.

But for a family in Monroe, UT, they brought the famed Disney magic to them, by recreating the beloved and iconic ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride in their own home on March 19th.

With dad Kirk standing in as a Disney cast member, while mum Julie, siblings Brin, Carson, Cannon, Brooke and Chloe all joining in as either park guests or pirates, the family were able to bring to life famous scenes, such as trying to get the watchdogs attention and Jack Sparrow declaring to ‘drink up me hearties yo ho’.

Stand-in pirate, Brin Elise Thornock, 18, said: “Since Disneyland is closed, my family decided to recreate our favourite ride!

“We are crazy big fans of Disney. It all started with my parents. They went there for their honeymoon and ever since then it’s been a part of this family. We try and go once a year!

“My mom mentioned at dinner that she saw a homemade splash mountain video and her friends all wanted to see us do one, so we decided to do pirates since it’s our favourite!

“After dinner, we put on some pirate Halloween costumes and just started filming scenes that we felt were key parts of the ride.

“It took us one hour to shoot all the scenes and then it took me another hour to edit it on my phone! Super quick and simple!

“We were just trying to be creative in our ways of spending time together! This quarantine gives a unique opportunity to be with your family, so we are taking full advantage!”

As Brin and the family were just having some fun, the last thing they expected was for their ‘pirate home video’ to go viral.

Brin said: “We were all in shock watching our phones blow up and the views go up by the millions was crazy! We are still so shocked that it is as big as it is! We are so glad we could put smiles on so many faces! We’ve received a bunch of positive comments, it’s amazing.

“Disney was founded on imagination and creativity, so we hope we made Walt proud!