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By Lucy Notarantonio


A fitness fanatic praises food challenges with calorie intakes as high as 6,950 for helping him gain weight.

There’s no meal to small for Max Stanford, 32, who scoffs super-sized meals weekly ranging from 54oz burgers with fries to XXXL full english breakfasts.

The charity worker practises at home by eating up to 19 McDonald burgers or a two dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts in record timing.

Max says bulking isn’t the only benefit but travelling too as he treks up and down the nation from his hometown Brixton, London, to indulge.

He said: “If you consumed all this food daily then it would be really bad for your health but I am using food challenges to my advantage.

“I am doing it to have fun, gain weight and build muscle – I work out six days per week and have one cheat day which is always a food challenge.

“My first ever one was in 2018 and I failed to eat the huge burger and fries but it spurred me on to keep going.

“I prepare by eating high volume food like fruit and veg the day before which helps stretch my stomach.

“I also do a lot of exercise the day before, and on the day of I usual spend about three hours in the gym lifting weight and doing cardio to build up an appetite.

“The breakfast challenge is the highest amount of calories I have probably consumed in one sitting – there was 6,950!

“I became the first person to ever complete the ‘undefeated’ challenge in 18 minutes 45 seconds – wish even included a cup of tea and a biscuit!.

“It’s easier to complete when there’s a mixture of flavours but it did put me off mushrooms for a little bit after.

“It is funny when punters see me with the huge plate – they assume I won’t be able to do it.

“But I make sure I do by practicing at home – I prepared for a 5lb burrito eating charity event with professional competitive eaters by eating nine wraps from McDonalds which were 4,750 cals in 13 minutes.

“When it came to the real competition against competitive eaters – I was the only amateur to finish the burrito in nine minutes!

“I am also the reigning cheese burger champion and vegan burger champion at a burger restaurant chain in Surrey currenting holding the record of 15 cheese burgers and 17 vegan burgers in two separate 20 minute timed competitions”

“I prepped beforehand by having a huge cheat meal – taking on the ‘impossible’ four large big Macs meals, with large fries and four large milkshakes which was 5,468 calories in 14 minutes.”

It isn’t just savoury challenges but sweet ones too which can range from 1,950 to 3,000 calories.

He praises the challenges for getting him ‘out and about’ as he has previously travelled Reading, Essex and to Edinburgh to complete challenges.

Max said: “I have always struggled to put on weight but now I have found the perfect way for me.

“It is a great hobby to have as it’s sociable, fun and has taken me to places I’d never usually go.

“It is fun to beat other people’s times.

“The sweet challenges are great but can get very sickly – I recently ate a stack of ten banoffee pancakes loaded with cream which was approx. 1,950 calories.

“I also did a waffle challenge which was seven giant waffles racking up to 1,526 calories alone then topped with seven different flavoured ice creams, sprinkles and strawberry sauce – adding an additional 1,449 for the ice cream!

“I have used food challenges as a good way to break barriers and to not be too precious about food.”




BREAKFAST CHALLENGE – 6,850 calories – 18 minutes 45 seconds

8 sausages, 8 rashes of bacon 8 hash browns, 6 fried eggs  4 black puddings, 6 grilled tomato halves, 3 portions of fried mushrooms, a bucket of beans, 2 slices of bread, 2 slices of toast, 2 slices of fried bread and a cup of tea.




19 McDonalds hamburgers – 4,750 calories



Massive burger bun filled with 3 beef burgers, 1 chicken burger, 1 piri chicken burger, 2 veggie burgers, bacon, mushrooms, pineapple, guacamole, Monterrey jack, cheese, mozzarella, BBQ sauce, tomato, lettuce and fries. 1 METRE LONG HOT DOG – 3,200 calories Nine sausages topped with chilli con carne, jalapenos, onion and cheese.


HUGE BURGER WEIGHING 54 OZ – 2,845 calories

7 beef patties loaded with cheese, salad and fries.


NINE MCDONALD’S WRAP CHALLENGE – 2,826 calories Grilled chicken with garlic mayo, crispy chicken garlic mayo,grilled chicken sweet chilli, crispy chicken sweet chilli, grilled chicken BBQ and bacon, grispy chicken BBQ and bacon, spicy chicken snack wrap.


WAFFLE CHALLENGE – 3000 calories

Seven large waffles topped with seven different ice cream flavours and cream