Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A skilled juggler has taken his craft to extreme levels by performing with fire torches and knives while 10ft in the air, in a spectacular display of bravery and balance.

Lucian Fuller, 36, trains between two-to-six hours on a daily basis to master his craft.

Travelling around the world, the professional juggler and stunt comedian dares to take risks in his performances in order to wow his audience.

From comically catching ping pong balls in his mouth, to balancing 10ft in the air on a unicycle while juggling flaming hot torches and sharp knives, there is nothing too far out for Lucian to juggle.

Lucian said: “Ping pong mouth juggling five balls is very difficult and so is juggling five torches on a ten foot unicycle.

“I also would consider the kicking my hat to my foot on my head from the unicycle and blindfold juggling on unicycle as difficult.

“I have occasionally cut myself juggling the knives and fallen off the unicycle but landed on my feet.

“I have amazed audiences all over the word performing over 5,000 shows in 27 countries.”