Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A clumsy cat fell off his owner’s window ledge after spotting a Woodpecker through the living room window in a hilarious feline fail caught on camera.

Unfortunately for Loki the tuxedo cat, the clumsy feline was not as agile or cunning as his Norse god counterpart.

Spotting a woodpecker in his line of view, the five-year-old chunk attempted to sneak up on the bird.

But before Loki could realise there was a window blocking him from his catch, the silly cat lost his balance and took a hilarious tumble to the floor.

Loki’s owner Marja Prewitt, 38, said: “Loki was trying to get to the bird and decided that the window ledge would be the best place.

“He’s a little on the chunky side, so he couldn’t fit all the way on the window ledge and when he took his foot off of the couch, he fell.”