Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane

A YouTuber used nothing but the helium induced sounds of his voice in order to re-create the sounds of Trevor Daniel’s pop hit ‘Falling’.

Award-winning director and prominent YouTuber Dan Mace, 29,  uses ‘sound diegetic’, a method of showing the source of the sound on-screen, as part of his popular videos.

Recorded in Los Angeles, California, Dan decided to re-create the sounds of Trevor Daniel’s hit song ‘Falling’, by using helium from balloons in order to drastically alter the sound of his voice so he could hit a range of musical high notes.

Editing together himself singing the song, with his comically high-pitched helium induced voice acting as the backing track, Dan did a pretty epic job of re-creating the popular song for his audience.

Dan said: “The series is called ’Seeing Sounds’, which is our social media adoption of the concept.

“We were very very stoked with the outcome.”