Life Video

By Jack Mobley


This is the incredible story of a toddler and his dog who share a very similar medical condition and are the best of friends.

Heather Figueroa, 37, from Nottingham in New Hampshire, has three children, one of whom is 23-month-old Branson.

Back in June, Heather noticed that Branson’s head shape felt “a little different” after cutting his hair.

A visit to the doctor resulted in a CT scan and a diagnosis of Craniosynostosis, a condition that sees parts of the skull forming too soon.

Branson eventually underwent brain surgery to remove the pressure on his brain and, despite the complexity of the operation, is now making good progress in his recovery.

“I’m so proud of our son and his strength,” said Heather.

“He is home now; this is day six post-op and he doing wonderfully.

“His surgeons and nurses will never know how special they are to us.”

Branson’s recovery will surely be made slightly easier by the presence of the family’s new pup, Thanos the Boston Terrier.

Amazingly, Thanos has a very similar condition to Branson.

“Branson’s condition is Craniosynostosis due to suture in his skull that closed prematurely which was causing pressure on spots of his brain; that is why he needed his cranial vault reconstruction,” explained Heather.

“Thanos, they suspect, has similar pressure in his brain but due to excess water on his brain that is not draining the way it properly should.”

Thanos and Branson are absolutely “best friends” as video and pictures of the pair shows.

“They took to each other immediately,” said Heather. “Now we can see why.”

“They both share something similar in their journey and truly find comfort in each other.”

“We are hopeful that we will be able to give Thanos the best life in our home, he is a part of our family and we love him dearly,” she continued.

“Our fur-babies are our kids too”.