Animals Video

By Jessica Testa

In a case of being at the right place at the right time, a heroic Australian man has saved a small bird that got itself into a deadly situation. 

Occupation Maintenance Manager Brodie Simon, 24, was working inside his shed at his Tasmania home when he heard the bird screaming. 

He noticed the bird was in trouble as it hung from some bailing twine that was caught in the roof gutter and immediately flew into action, grabbing his ladder and a beanie as quickly as he could.

After he cut the bird loose using a pocket knife, he made sure it was uninjured and set it free. 

He said: “I saved the bird as quick as I could and didn’t leave him hanging for any longer than it needed to.”

“I had no experience holding birds, but I used a beanie to grab him so he couldn’t bite me.”

“Saving the bird was the only thing on my mind.”