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tree climber

Climbing trees might be a hard task for some, but not for this man – who scales them UPSIDE DOWN.

32-year-old Mukesh Kumar is obsessed with climbing trees, and has injured himself several times, but that has not deterred him from pursing his ‘unusual passion’.

PIC BY Rare Shot News Agency/ Caters News

“I started climbing trees upside down when I was 13 years old,” recalls Kumar.

“Everybody climbs straight up. I thought why not climb backwards and set a unique example.

“Initially, I could only climb two to three feet but after continuous practice, I can now climb tall trees.”

Kumar says he wants to enter the record books using this ‘talent’ and ‘make a name’ for his family.

PIC BY Rare Shot News Agency/ Caters News

“The motive behind all this is that I want to set a world record. I want my name to be listed in Guinness world record book.” he said.

Kumar works as a construction worker and makes little less than £5 a day. He hopes climbing trees can put him into the limelight and help him make more money.

With a limited income every month, Kumar and his homemaker wife struggle to make ends meet.

“I want the government to help me, so that I can devote more time towards this skill and set a record of climbing 100 feet in upside down,” said Kumar, who got married six years ago.

PIC BY Rare Shot News Agency/ Caters News

Kumar claims that he has claimed trees as tall as 70 feet.

“I have climbed tall trees. I have also climbed a tree which was over 70 feet tall. I am always looking for taller trees so that I can accomplish a bigger feat,” Kumar said.

Kumar manages to climb trees as high as 50 feet in less than five minutes.

PIC BY Rare Shot News Agency/ Caters News

“I am always looking to improve the time in which I can climb the tree. But climbing up backwards takes more time. I am faster when I am claiming down,” he said.